The Staatsgerichtshof is the constitutional court of Liechtenstein. Being assigned various competences, the court’s main task concerns cases where complainants allege a violation of their human rights. In order to bring a case to the Staatsgerichtshof, recourse must be had to ordinary courts first. Only once all available legal remedies have been exhausted, complainants may turn to the Staatsgerichtshof.

Before the Staatsgerichtshof, an individual constitutional complaint on account of the violation of human rights may be lodged. Said human rights are enshrined in Article 27bis – Article 43 of the Liechtenstein Constitution, in the European Convention on Human Rights and in various other international treaties (see Article 15(2) StGHG). All legal norms can be accessed on www.gesetze.li. It is imperative to give concrete reasons why the last court decision has violated the complainant’s human rights. Having a lawyer is not compulsory – everyone can submit an individual constitutional complaint on their own.

In case of any remaining questions, the Staatsgerichtshof can be contacted (see “Contact” on the website).